Rosacea, Redness and Facial Veins


There are many causes of facial redness, rosacea and visible veins. They can be hereditary or be triggered by environmental conditions, certain foods, exercise, medication and harsh cosmetics to name a few.

Rosacea often occurs after the age of 30 and is characterised by redness predominately in the middle of the face, over the cheeks and on the nose.  It can present as small visible veins, raised red lumps similar looking to acne, roughness with a burning or stinging sensation and thickened looking skin with enlarged pores.

Good skincare, removing triggers and wearing a mineral sunscreen everyday can help reduce symptoms, however when your symptoms are out of control we have a several treatments that can help calm irritation, reduce constant redness and diminish visible facial veins.



Stand alone LED treatment (30min)     | $49

Added onto another treatment            | $35

Add on a skin corrective mask             | $18

Visible red light (in the range of 630 nm to 700nm) can penetrate your skin to a depth of approximately 8 to 10mm. In this range of light, your skins cells absorb the light which energisers the cells and increases blood circulation.

This Increased blood circulation brings more nutrients and oxygen to the area helping to reduce inflammation, swelling, redness and can improve healing by upto 200%.

A course of treatments is required.  To achieve optimal results 2 treatments a week for 4-6 weeks are often need to reduce the initial inflammation.  A maintenance session is sometimes needed, however this varies from person to person.




As an express 30 minute facial  |  $59

Added onto another treatment |  $29


Vitamin B and C are two topical vitamins the skin needs to function at an optimal level.

They are involved in the production of collagen, help strengthen capillaries, lighten and brighten excess pigmentation, regulate oil production and improve surface exfoliation.

A must have for all skin types




IPL treats facial redness by using light and heat energy.  The light and heat cauterises the veins that contribute to the appearance of rosacea.  Over a period of 3-4 weeks, the veins are resorbed, leading to a reduction in facial redness and visible veins.

Facial redness can be treated through a course of treatments, for diffuse redness and rosacea a course of approximately 6 treatments is recommended.  For facial veins these can be treated in approximately 2-3 sessions.

All IPL Rejuvenation treatments are performed at the Skin Laser Clinic.  For Pricing visit

For more information or to discuss your personal concerns, message sarah now.



60mins | $299 (face and neck)

MEDICAL GRADE sterile procedure with a Medical Professional
If you are wanting to take your facial to the next level, then this is the treatment for you !

Microneedling has been around for decades, however it has gained in popularity recently with huge advancements in technology especially in the delivery modality. It is now a much gentler, (virtually painless for a lot of people) more versatile and delivers fantastic results.

Dermapen’s goal is to give everyone a chance to look healthier and feel better as we age. Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a safe and chemical-free method to stimulate new collagen production.  The increase in collagen and elastin fibres results in thicker and plumper skin which can make the redness less visible.




$89 | 45 minutes
$109 | 60 minutes (includes a peel)

All of our facials at Face to Face are customized to your skins specific needs on the day. Each treatment includes a skin corrective mask and the ultrasonic infusion of products.
We provide deep cleansing facials for acne and congested skin, intense hydration regimens for dehydrated, dry skin types, soothing facials for inflamed, irritated skins and antiaging facials designed to help resurface and re-plump fine lines and infuse the skin with antioxidants.


All products used in this treatment are free of all irritants including fragrance, silicones and surfactants

*Recommended* Finish with a Vitamin C Infusion to help promote radiance, enhance collagen production and strengthen capillaries.
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