• Refine Plus Vitamin A
  • High-Potency Refinishing Treatment

Refine Plus Vitamin A


This powerful concentration of retinol takes Refine to the next level for enhanced results.   Refine Plus not only gives you skin with luxurious texture – it is a potent age-defying tool.


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• Reduces the look of fine lines and signs of aging
• Improves the look of pigmentation
• Helps acne-prone skin
• Improves skin texture and color
• Less irritation/redness than with other retinol products


No bad skin days with this Youth-inducing super serum

Refine Plus Vitamin A is a combination of science and botanical ingredients to help firm skin and smooth lines and wrinkles.   The conditioning moisturizers help attract and retain vital moisture in the skin, while the free radical-fighting antioxidants defend skin from environmental stress that can cause inflammation and damage to collagen and elastin.   Refine Plus Vitamin A is an excellent choice for anyone with pigmentation concerns as it helps even out skin tone by improving cell turnover and skin renewal. Acne-prone skin will also benefit from the AGP vitamin A complex to help prevent future breakouts.



Retinol| Encourages skin renewal to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections
Sodium Hyaluronate | Retains moisture deep within skin layers to increase suppleness and elasticity
Sodium PCA | Delivers hydration and boosts skin’s natural retention ability



• Acne-prone skin
• Pigmentation, sunspots
• Age Management
• Enlarged, clogged pores