At Face to Face we recognise not all pigmentation is the same.  There are several causes of pigmentation and they should be treated very differently.

Some causes of pigmentation are UV damage, hormones, inflammation, lifestyle factors and hereditary causes.

Pigmentation requires a skilled therapist to perform a thorough assessment of your skin and prescribe a skin corrective treatment plan that is suited to your individual skins needs. 


The first and most important step in any regime to reduce pigment is the daily use of a SPF30 sunscreen.  Sunscreen should be applied every day even in winter and on rainy days.  When choosing cosmeceutical skin care look for ingredients like vitamin C, kojic, liquorice and vitamin B3. These potent pigment fighters prevent the excess production of melanin.



UV damage – Sun spots, Freckles, Age spots

A cell in our skin called a melanocyte releases an enzyme called melanin. Melanin is what gives our skin colour or pigment and is the body’s natural defence system to protect your skin from UV radiation (UVR).  Excessive exposure to UVR will show in the form of freckles, sunspots and age spots.  I like to think of melanin as an umbrella e.g. the freckles/sun spots seen are there to protect the skin from further UV damage.  This is also a good indication that your skin has seen too much sun and is trying to protect you from further damage.



Is a chronic form of pigmentation that usually occurs in response to hormonal changes.  It is characterised by symmetrical blotchy, brownish facial pigmentation.

It is more common in women affecting approximately 1 in 4 women and 1 in 20 males and affects all skin types.

Common triggers are, UV exposure, pregnancy, hormonal treatments like the oral contraceptive pill containing oestrogen and/or progesterone, hormone replacement and some intrauterine devices.


Post Inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Inflammatory skin conditions like acne, or trauma to the skin, triggers an inflammatory response that tells pigment cells to produce a lot more pigment. If mild this excess pigment sits in the upper layers of the skin however in severe inflammation or trauma the excess pigment leaks and becomes trapped in the dermis (second layer of the skin). This results in a deeper and more treatment resistant pigmentation.





30 min    | $89
50 mins  | $139 (face and neck, or chest)
60 mins  | $149 (includes a mask)

Join the list of celebrities using this treatment to achieve glowing, smooth skin.

Experience the future in microdermabrasion. This is exfoliation technology at its finest, giving you brighter, younger and more beautiful skin.

Combining a diamond tip and liquid exfoliation, this treatment delivers exceptional results.  It nourishes the skin with intense hydrating, skin corrective infusions that are tailored to your individual skin concerns.  Hydro-dermabrasion gives immediately visible improvements with no downtime.

A full treatment includes a double cleanse, a peel (which is enhanced by using the bT-micro ultrasonic device) and an infusion of targeted, skin corrective ingredients to accelerate your results.  Perfect for all skin types.

To enhance your results I highly recommend adding on an LED treatment to Finish







As an express 30 minute facial  |  $59

Added onto another treatment |  $29


Vitamin B and C are two topical vitamins the skin needs to function at an optimal level.

They are involved in the production of collagen, help strengthen capillaries, lighten and brighten excess pigmentation, regulate oil production and improve surface exfoliation.

A must have for all skin types




$299 (face and neck)

MEDICAL GRADE sterile procedure with a Medical Professional
If you are wanting to take your facial to the next level, then this is the treatment for you !


Microneedling has been around for decades, however it has gained in popularity recently with huge advancements in technology especially in the delivery modality. It is now a much gentler, (virtually painless for a lot of people) more versatile and delivers fantastic results.

DP Dermaceuticals Bightlight and Antioxidant Cocktail skin care products are brimming with pigment re-balancers to regulate and unify uneven skin tone. Superficial Dermapen™ treatments may be performed as often as every 2-4 weeks to manage and correct uneven tone without overstimulating or harming the skin.  Dermapen™ treatments may be performed on all skin colours and on all types of unwanted pigmentation. A treatment programme of 3-4 sessions are recommended.


IPL is another effective treatment for removing pigmentation (brown spots and sun spots.).  IPL machines emit a light that causes the breakdown of pigment, which is then shed off in the normal skin renewal process.  IPL treatments also stimulate collagen production, and can simultaneously improve the texture of your skin, refining the size of your pores and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

You will see significant improvements and have more radiant skin after only one treatment, however you will get optimum results after two to three treatments.

IPL Skin Rejuventation treatments are performed by me at the Skin Laser Clinic on Mangorei Road.  For more information on pricing see www.skinlaserclinic.co.nz

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