Facial Hair (Peach Fuzz) Removal – Alkaline wash

Facial Hair (Peach Fuzz) Removal

Sarah is a trained nurse who can remove any unwanted peach fuzz facial hair using Alkaline washing.

Upper Lip | $29
Chin | $39
Lip and Chin | $49
Cheeks | $60
Lower face | $79

What are facial hair alkaline washes?

Alkaline washing is a quick easy way to remove that unwanted vellus/fine facial hair on the face and neck.  The professional in clinic only treatment is designed to remove fine facial hair instantly leaving your skin feeling clear and smooth.  The product also has an exfoliating effect of the skin and in special circumstances can be used for target exfoliation.  I have personally seen great clearance of acne post treatment.

It is for the trained professional only and is not a home care product.

Say goodbye to waxing, plucking and ripping, the hairs just dissolve away!

What happens in a facial hair – alkaline wash treatment?

A special alkaline solution is sprayed onto the skin, then an alkaline paste is applied to the skin where it is left on for anywhere from 3-5 minutes depending on your skin type and the density of the hair and hair growth.  The cream is gently removed along with the hair which is dissolved down to the hair follicle.  The skin is then neutralised and the treatment finished with a  specialised post care oil that slows hair growth and is designed to protect, hydrate and soothe your skin post treatment.

Who can have it done?

It is generally not done on Indian, Asian and darker skins, due to the exfoliating action it has on the skin.

What my clients are saying

“After 4 weeks the hair that has grown back is thinner and there is much less of it”

“I have had other treatments for removal and when the hair grew back it was rough and stubbly.   It has been amazing with the alkaline wash, no rough stubble and my hair growth has reduced”

“I noticed my acne also cleared up after the treatment”

Before and After