Dry, Sensitive and Reactive

This is extremely common and can be due to hereditary factors or in response to external stressors like sun, wind, sudden temperature changes and harsh cosmetic products.  A synergistic approach is used incorporating the appropriate supplements and topical ingredients to protect and fortify the skin.


30 min | $89
50 mins  | $139 (face and neck, or chest)
60 mins | $149 (includes a mask)

This is the facial all the celebrities are using to get glowing smooth skin.

Experience the future in microdermabrasion. This is exfoliation technology at its finest, giving you brighter, younger and more beautiful skin.

Combining a diamond tip and liquid exfoliation, this treatment delivers exceptional results.  It nourishes the skin with intense hydrating, skin corrective infusions that are tailored to your individual skin concerns.  Hydro-dermabrasion gives immediately visible improvements with no downtime.

A full treatment includes a double cleanse, a peel (which is enhanced by using the bT-micro ultrasonic device) and an infusion of targeted, skin corrective ingredients to accelerate your results. Perfect for all skin types.

To enhance your results I highly recommend adding on an LED treatment to Finish.




Stand alone LED treatment (30min) | $49

Added onto another treatment | $35

Add on a skin corrective mask | $18

Lie back, relax and imagine you’re on a beach soaking in the sun (without all the harmful UV radiation of course!)
This advanced light therapy restores the skin’s cells back to optimum health, reduces inflammation, speeds up healing and helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

Blue Light Therapy is a must have for anyone wanting to clear inflammatory acne. It targets and kills the acne-causing bacteria, Propionibacteriumacnes (p. acnes).

Using the Red Light mode stimulates a chain of events to increase collagen production. This aids in skin tightening, and plumping up fine lines, giving you a refreshed and firmed complexion.

Our light treatments also administer near Infrared Light that helps speed up the healing process, improves hydration, fights the signs of aging, and replenishes the skins cells, so they can work at an optimum level. A perfect skin pick me up for everyone.




As an express 30 minute facial  |  $59

Added onto another treatment  |  $29


Vitamin B3 and C are two topical vitamins the skin needs to function at an optimal level.

They are involved in the production of collagen, help strengthen capillaries, lighten and brighten excess pigmentation, regulate oil production and improve surface exfoliation.

A must have for all skin types




$89 | 45 minutes
$109 | 60 minutes (includes a peel)

All of our facials at Face to Face are customized to your skins specific needs on the day. Each treatment includes a skin corrective mask and the ultrasonic infusion of products.
We provide deep cleansing facials for acne and congested skin, intense hydration regimens for dehydrated, dry skin types, soothing facials for inflamed, irritated skins and antiaging facials designed to help resurface and re-plump fine lines and infuse the skin with antioxidants.

All products used in this treatment are free of all irritants including fragrance, silicones and surfactants



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