About Face to Face’s Skin Technician

Sarah is a Registered Nurse with 15 years experience.

She has spent the majority of her career working in medical and emergency medicine. Her love of all things skin and holistic health began while working for a skin specialist in Tauranga. This subsequently led her to complete her beauty therapy training.

Traditionally, skin concerns have been treated externally, however emerging research strongly suggests skin health is related to internal health.  Sarah has spent many hours researching and testing various topical products and internal supplements, seeking a more holistic approach, and offers her clients the best in nutritional supplements and advanced cosmeceutical skin care.

Sarahs extensive nursing background allows her to confidently apply her medical expertise with practical experience, to bring you a comprehensive skin regimen.

Whether you are needing some quiet luxury pampering or a more comprehensive skin analysis and health assessment, Sarah can work with you to help you achieve the “Skin Confidence” you deserve.


“My focus is to have you leave feeling relaxed and looking amazing. I aim to provide my clients with exceptional education, deliver amazing results and offer a professional yet relaxed service that goes above and beyond your expectation”